Autism Made Easy Training - Dr. Annie Clements (Hons)

• Understand why your child struggles with choices and change

• Understand their overwhelm (and yours)

• Learn how simple language changes can make the day so much easier for you all

• Understand why showing, not telling them about what is going on by using visual cues can make events and occurrences throughout the day a lot easier

• Know why taking account of their sensory overwhelm is so important

Helping Children Feel Less Anxious about School - Dr. Annie Clements (Hons)

Are your children already worried about going back to school? Have the headaches and stomach aches started? Are you also getting worried about them going back? Perhaps they are starting a new School? Perhaps they always find School hard, perhaps last year was difficult, perhaps they find being at home less overwhelming. You may have asked them what the problem is but they cannot answer you, they don't know what it is, it's just all horrible.


You are stuck and feeling helpless and scared and don't know where to turn. Well, here at Autism & ADHD we know a thing about School Avoidance and how to help. Even if your child or teenager doesn't have any diagnosis, these approaches and strategies will help you and your son or daughter find a way through this together. Dr. Annie Clements (Hons), our founder and CEO, hasn't only been working professionally in this area of work for over 30 years, she also has ADHD herself, all her family is NeuroDivergent as are her staff team. They have spent a lot of time making what can seem really complicated so that you feel like you are climbing Mount Everest every day, into something a lot easier to understand. These approaches are proven to work and have made things a lot easier for a lot of families and individuals.