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About us

So we really do like to get out there and offer high quality and personalised support and guidance for those who so need it.

We’re one big, happy family at Autism & ADHD. Dr Annie Clements Hons,  (an Autism mum) our Founder, started Autism & ADHD back in 2013, looking at everything that caused our families & individuals a headache and made sure that every nitsy-bitsy issue was addressed and resolved.

So, What Do We Actually Do?

We offer support to individuals and families who live & work with Autism and ADHD on a daily basis.

Let’s start with the fact that we work with all age groups, from children to adults and we don’t require a diagnosis to get you signed up. Once you’re with us, you’re with us. There’s none of that re-referral mumbo-jumbo. And if you haven’t seen us for some time, pop us an email , one of our team will be happy to get in touch.

We began by providing 1:1 support in Ipswich, this then spread across the whole of Suffolk and now we’re working with people all over the world through Skype and email. 

We don’t just stop at support, we  run & attend coffee mornings,  evening meet up's,  deliver trainings both face-to face and online, and there is our "Coffee with Annie" free video Vlog sessions are ever growing in popularity and are a great way for families and individuals to sit and relax either at home, at work or even on the bus, and listen to Annie talk through common issues and questions in a short & easily accessible way - just sign up to be on our email list to be come a super subscriber and get the fort nightly insider updates so you are the first to know when they go live.  

If you’d like to know more, get in touch by  email info@autismandadhd.org - we can’t wait to hear from you!