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It's Dr Annie Clements here, Founder & CEO of Autism & ADHD  .. It's lovely to have you connect with us. As someone who is living with challenges in my own family, I know only too well that it’s not easy when you want to help your child, but you're feeling overwhelmed, confused and with no idea where to turn...

Any mum or dad who feels they need someone to help them gain an understanding of what is going on, no matter what age their child may be,  is searching for that website that can give them a way to easily access straightforward solutions they can implement immediately. Well, Autism & ADHD is that place! We can really make everything feel just a bit more supportive and easy.


I have a great team of individuals that really get it, bringing common sense, a real approach to help you to move forward, with straightforward explanations and easy things to try straight away. After all, none of us have the time or energy to have a load of useless stuff coming at us full of big long words and complicated management systems. Neither is helpful when you are dealing with a meltdown in the middle of the street!

You may feel that having a browse of the website and signing up for the newsletter is all you need at this moment in time, and we are very, very pleased to have you with us. Just to explain, all our newsletters, phone calls and emails are free. We never ‘close a file’, so you can continue to access the team for as long as you need and we can give you some great support in that way.

You also have the option to book a session with me, either at our office  in Ipswich or via FaceTime or Skype. This 1-hour session gives you bespoke support and is bookable here for £40. These appointments get booked up quickly, so please contact us as soon  as you can. Finding the right support for a child diagnosed with Autism or ADHD (or both), can be quite the challenge. Finding support for the whole family can be even harder.

We offer support not just for those who are diagnosed, or have a suspected diagnosis, but for the family as a whole. We also support couples, adults and schools overcome the obstacles that the diagnosis throws their way.


We look at everything that causes families and individuals anything from a tiny headache, to heartache in being able to access solutions that can help.

Let’s get one thing straight, we work with all age groups and we don’t require a confirmed diagnosis to get going. Once you’re with us, you’re with us. You never have to worry about re-referring or any of that nonsense! Even if you haven’t seen us for a while, we’ll always be waiting at the end of an email if you ever need us! After all, we’re one big family here at Autism & ADHD!

If you’d like to keep up-to-date with our support programmes, subscribe to our emails, like us on Facebook,  follow us on Instagram. We’re contactable via email and  Facebook Messenger. 

Get in contact with Annie to book a meeting for just £40 per hour. If travelling is an issue, we’ll travel to you (travel time and mileage will be added to that cost). Get in touch to find out more via info@autismandadhd.org.

Our team also offers a half-termly catch up with families, no talking at you, no piling documents on you, just a genuine chat – with cake of course. These happen at The Cult Bar on the Waterfront Ipswich and we'd love to see you there. Connect to our facebook page to keep updated or sign up to our email list to get regular info about dates an times.


To round this off, we offer lots of free support via our fortnightly Vlog and our facebook page, this support can be accessed online, this support is growing in popularity and both are  a great way for families and individuals to sit and relax either at home, at work or even on the bus, and listen to Annie talk through common issues and questions in a short & easily accessible way - just sign up to be on our email list to be come a super subscriber and get the fort nightly insider updates.  

Siblings Support

We know that sometimes there can be a great impact on brothers or sisters of a child diagnosed with Autism or ADHD. They may feel as though they’re missing out, or they are being picked on by their sibling through aggression or anger. This can lead to great concern, both as a parent, and as individual.

Let’s get one thing straight – you are not, and I repeat NOT, a bad parent.

We want to support the whole family in discovering ways to feel positive on a daily basis, whether that’s going to work and not worrying, your child going to school, or just the general activity within the household, we have a variety of ways in which we can offer support to the whole family.


Are You A Parent of an Adult with ASD or ADHD?


Sometimes people aren’t diagnosed with Autism or ADHD until they’re an adult.

Families need training and information just importantly as those who face a childhood diagnosis. On the other hand, you may feel as if you need a refill of information as your child ages, so get in touch by emailing us on info@autismandahd.org and a member of the team will get in touch to go through exactly  what you need and if appropriate then book a 1:1 support session with Annie, 

Being A Parent with ASD or ADHD

We know that parenting can be hard work! If you’re a parent with a diagnosis, parenting can often be all the more confusing!

Building a strong relationship between you and your chid whilst keeping yourself well can sometimes be challenging. Being able to tackle these challenges by forming strategies for the things we can’t change, can really help with building that relationship.

Relationship Support

If your partner has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder or ADHD, sometimes life can be a little overwhelming. We’re here so that together, you are able to gain an understanding on how to work as a team, learn about each other’s needs and how to go about building a life as a partnership, rather than a rivalry.

Again email info@autismandadhd.org.

Access To Work


If you feel as if you could benefit from someone coming into your place of work to help create systems that enable you to do your job more effectively, or to help your employer understand your needs, then please get in touch so we can discuss the best option to support you.

Anyone can book for support, whether that’s self-referral, or a professional commissioning in support for someone else. Email info@autismandadhd.org for more information.



We offer a bespoke service for schools which include CPD for staff, working with children and families, as well as input your environment, sport, young carers and developing provision such as lunch clubs.

Providing the right support for school children is about understanding their behaviour and their feelings and how the two work cohesively.

If you would like to find out more about our School Solutions Package or would just like to to talk through the different ways we may be able to help you with then please just  email us on info@autismandadhd.org. We would love to connect with to you, and can arrange a call to discuss how we can work with you.