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Autism & ADHD

I just want to start by saying a huge welcome to our website page! 


In response to the current global coronavirus situation, Autism & ADHD are still working to do our best to support as many of you as we can during what is a challenging time for everyone. You can still book 1:1 support sessions as we can talk to you via Zoom, Skype, What’s App, FaceTime, or via the telephone. If you need to book support, please contact us at info@autismandadhd.org and one of the team will get back to you. I have also started a closed group called 'Autism & ADHD We're all in this together' - feel free to go to Facebook and ask to join if you want to keep connected, you are very welcome to... 

Please remember you are not alone during this challenging time, we will help however we can, wherever in the world you may be! I know how amazing this community is in supporting each other so please make the connection, don't feel embarrassed to ask for support, all the team knows what you are going through as we live it just the same as you, and it's what we are here for. 

Best Wishes, Annie & the Team x


you have found an incredible community that makes the complex easy to understand.

Finding all the information about Autism & ADHD overwhelming & confusing?

Looking for a friendly response at the end of an email to give you straightforward support & information that isn't full of complicated language ? 


Would you like to be connected to people who really get it because they live it? 


Then, you have come to the right place!


We offer so much more than just 1:1 support. We’re a team of friendly, highly qualified professionals who all have a personal connection to all things Autism & ADHD, and are passionate about breaking things down to give you clear and easy to access solutions and training. We support families, adults and professionals both face to face and online via zoom, with our weekly emails  providing a free video with answers to questions that we hear all the time as well as other information, hints and tips. Our whole aim is to help you start to move forward and feel positive about the challenges that we know you can face every day. So, whatever your age or whether you’ve been diagnosed or have a suspected diagnosis, a family member or a professional, we will do everything we can to make those days (and night times!)  feel easier. 

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A Big Thank You to our supporter JumpKing 

YJ Europe are the UK branch of JumpKing trampolines and Bazoongi Playtents. They have a small friendly customer service team based in Ipswich and their warehouse carries the full range of products which can be viewed on their website at www.jumpking.eu. We are delighted to have their continued support. We cannot recommend them enough!