Young People's Hub

Autism & ADHD is all about Community, as we all have a personal connection to Neuro Diversity, we live it with you, and that couldn't be more important than right now. We have good days and bad days alongside you, days when all we want to do is go and hide in a cupboard, days when chocolate and doughnuts are actual lifesavers and should be on prescription, and days that are absolutely amazing and change our lives. You really don't have to face this alone, just reach out and connect with our friendly specialist youth workers who can help you. 


You are not broken, you don't need "fixing" but just the same as any other young person, you need people around you who understand, who aren't going to judge you, and who are going to listen. You also need to be supported to know how to deal with life when it all gets too much to manage. 


Understanding who you are, and what you want,  really does help. You may have questions about your diagnosis, school, home-life, relationships, gender, etc... Just life really. You may be feeling like you don't quite 'fit in' but that is what we are here to help you with, as well as having a bit of fun along the way.

You can speak with us virtually or face to face through our drop-ins, groups and walks, and talks. We will respond quickly and we will do our all to support you through the tricky stuff so you can deal with life when it gets too much to manage.


Once you are feeling more confident, then you may want to share what you have learned with other young people and help them move forward too... We will work with you on your goals. From education, employment to building friendships with young people who share similar experiences and challenges to your own.


Whatever it is we are here to help you along the way so you can thrive!

Drop us a free call via the telephone icon below or you can communicate with us on the let's chat widget! 

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