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Meet our Main team

At The Heart of Autism & adHd:

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We're always on the look out for people with the same values as us. 

What's in it for you? 


Autism & ADHD is a Social Enterprise, meaning the profit we make is reinvested into our services, development & growth. When we invest in our organisation, we invest in our team.


All of our staff have a personal development and growth plan with the support, training and funds needed.

Our staff are all paid the living wage or above, all of our salaries being extremely competitive. We offer a great holiday scheme and flexible working as well as a supportive, caring team.


If you're interested in joining our team, contact us using the form below.

Our Helping Hands:

To offer you the most comprehensive service possible, we use associate team members,  these are people that are vetted and trusted by us and are a part of our team like everyone else, they just have other jobs too. 


Speech & Language Therapist



If you're a professional with skills, expertise and experience working with our awesome client group and think that you can add value to our offer we'd love to hear from you, get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page, let's have a coffee!


Speech & Language Therapist

"I have been interested in people for as long as I can remember and have been lucky enough to find my ideal job as a Speech & Language Therapist. Working for over 20 years has given me a vast range of experiences working with children with all sorts of speech language and communication difficulties from early language delay to speech sound difficulties to Autism Spectrum Disorder with Specific Language Impairment and Dyspraxia along the way."



Ellen has vast experience with all things 'speechy' and is a great character, making learning fun. We've bought Ellen on board because of these things as well as her long list of specialities, below.


Attention & Listening

Early Language Skills

Speech Sounds & Dyspraxia
Understanding Language
Using Language
Social Skills
Non-verbal ways to communicate


Ellen is also very experienced in training for parents, and professionals. 

"Ellen was really professional, friendly and caring, she was really kind and knowledgable. I'd definitely see her again, but because of how good she was, I don't think I'll need to anytime soon." -  Parent from Ipswich.

If you'd like an informal chat about how Ellen, or anyone else on our team can help, give us a call on 01473 557550 or send us an email at Info@AutismAndADHD.org



Counselling is a type of talking therapy that allows a person to talk about their problems and feelings in a confidential and dependable environment. A counsellor is trained to listen with empathy (by putting themselves in your shoes). They can help you deal with any negative thoughts and feelings you have.


Ligia is a qualified Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist and a member of BACP.She is a caring person who strongly believes that human beings have the capacity to change and heal themselves; but that sometimes we still need professional support. She works with different approaches and applies them focused on each individual’s needs, as everybody is different and what suits one person might not suit another.She believes the relationship between the client and the therapist is very important to the therapy process.


She is currently available to work with those aged 18 upwards in the areas of depression, anxiety, self-harm, trauma, abuse, addiction and bereavement.


Ligia shows great empathy when working and we are very pleased to have her available to provide support for our families and individuals.

"I recommend Ligia as a Counsellor as she was able to fully assess my problems and offered suitable therapy methods that met my needs. Ligia is very patient and understands how to establish needs and wants of a patient. The therapy sessions I have had with Ligia helped me understand myself better and achieve a better state of well-being." -  Parent from Ipswich.


If you'd like an informal chat about how Ligia, or anyone else on our team can help, give us a call on 01473 557550 or send us an email at Info@AutismAndADHD.org