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I am Dr Annie Clements and I am  Founder & CEO of Autism & ADHD  .. It's lovely to have you connect with us. As someone who is living with challenges in my own family, I know only too well that it’s not great when you want to help your child, but you're feeling overwhelmed, confused and with no idea where to turn...

Any mum or dad who feels they need someone to help them gain an understanding of what is going on, no matter what age that child, is searching for that website that can give them a way to easily access straightforward solutions they can implement immediately. Well, Autism & ADHD is that place! We can really make everything feel just a bit more supportive and easy.


I have a great team of individuals that really get it, bringing common sense, a real approach to help you to move forward, with straightforward explanations and easy things to try straight away. After all, none of us have the time or energy to have a load of useless stuff coming at us full of big long words and complicated management systems. Neither is helpful when you are dealing with a meltdown in the middle of the street!

So you now have some choices

You may feel that having a browse of the website and signing up for the newsletter is all you need at this moment in time, and we are very, very pleased to have you with us. Just to explain, all our newsletters, phone calls and emails are free. We never ‘close a file’, so you can continue to access the team for as long as you need and we can give you some great support in that way.


On the other hand, if you're looking for a little something you can watch and listen too, I have been delivering a session to both parents and professionals alike, that breaks down how all of us deal with overwhelm, fear and anxiety, and why it is different for each family.


The feedback has been mind blowing and transformational in how afterwards, people go on to approach the issues they are dealing with. I have made this into a video that will cost you just £20  , this will drop straight into your email box for you to watch immediately. It breaks down a great deal of what our children are going through and gives you really easy things you can do as soon as the video ends. It’s yours to keep, so you can watch it over and over again, and comes with a free resource download.

You also have the option to book a session with me, either at our office  in Ipswich or via FaceTime or Skype. This 1-hour session gives you bespoke support and is bookable here for £40. These appointments get booked up quickly, so please contact us as soon 


If you are a professional looking for support for a family, or a family who can provide evidence that your household income is below £16,000 pa please contact us  and we can discuss the different options available.

what's been said

"Annie has given my daughter back to me. I just hadn't understood the level of distress she was experiencing everyday. Now we are all working together to improve that.”

Support is available in a few different ways


 Online options:


  • We have free mini trainings and resources that come via email every fortnight, you just need to sing upp to our newsletter, which you can do on our home page. 


  • There is support via face time or Skype where you have a booked time slot with Annie and she can talk through issues that are causing you frustration and give you clear suggestions, together with a follow up email, to help move things forward.


  • You can book a one-to-one session with Annie at our office in Ipswich.