Brunei November 2019

In January 2019, Annie received an email that caused a lot of surprise & excitement as she was invited to go to Brunei by the British Army to train the staff at their Schools, due to increasing numbers of children with ASD & ADHD. The original plan was to be there for 3 days but as word spread of her visit, interest and requests grew from other Schools, the University, Parents, Businesses and the wider community to hear Annie speak. She ended up staying for 13 days, talking to over 2000 people and it changed things not only for families but for Schools, trainee educators, and the way the Army connected with the wider community as well as changing things for us as an organisation. It was an incredible experience and opportunity  for everyone involved and we are still connected to everyone there, and would have returned in 2020 had it not been for COVID-19, to help develop SEND nursery provision at Panaga School. We will be forever grateful for the incredible welcome Annie had, and the ongoing support from all involved. 

Maybe 2021 will be a chance to return...


Annie also had the opportunity to travel to Romania in partnership with the University of Suffolk.   She was invited to lecture at the University of Bucharest and was able to visit educational provision and learn how they provided support for children & families. Another amazing experience that followed up on a 5 day visit from a Social Worker from Romania, who spent time with the team and learnt how we provide support,  as well as visiting our families and adults in their homes. 

International Family Support

We also provide support & training for anyone living or working with Autism/ADHD anywhere in the world.  You just need to email us on  and we will get straight  back to you.