We provide consultancy on all things Autism, ADHD, Neuro-Diversity & inclusion to Education Providers, businesses, Statutory Services, & Community Organisations. Please get in touch to discuss how we can support you by emailing info@autismandadhd.org and in the meantime sign up for our weekly information emails. 

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Consultancy & Research

These are the projects we are currently working on...

Banham Zoo

We are currently supporting Banham Zoo to make it Neurodiverse friendly. We are working in partnership with them to develop an accreditation Scheme looking at not just the environment, but staff training, what is offered in the restaurants, communications and car parking. 

Radiology Association

We are working in partnership with the University of Suffolk and the Radiology Association to research the experiences of children with Autism accessing X-Ray departments and what if anything they feel they need changed to make their experience less scary. We have been interviewing children and their parents/carers over the past few months and the data is currently collated for us to be able to present at their annual conference June 2021 with a view to change practice and communication. 

Specialist Autism Education Provision in Norfolk

We are working with the Architects and Senior Leadership Team of this new School to advise on the environment and equipment in relation to the sensory needs of their pupils and staff. This has included looking at colours, textures, furniture, lighting, noise, signage and equipment needed to ensure everyone has access to safe and calming experiences in School 

We have also carried out Environment Assessments for other Schools and Business premises  across the Eastern Region in relation to changes that can be made to support students and employees in this area. 

Northampton Saints

We visited the ground of Northampton Saints last year to advise them on how they could develop a sensory safe space in their stand for children and adults to be able to watch the game in a less overwhelming environment. They are now exploring options as to how this could be achieved.