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‘So, Today I Felt Like…’, is a book designed to help your child to express their feelings and thoughts. Asking inspiring questions to spark thoughts and emotions, it’s an ideal way to help your child find a happy medium to speak about feelings.

Developed by Annie Clements & Thomas Smith, founders of Autism & ADHD this book has been contributed to by those living with Autism and ADHD, parents, a Speech and Language Therapist, a teacher and Health Professionals, meaning this book is sure to add value to any child’s day.

With different activities to completed each day, we’ve made sure that this little book won’t get boring or tucked away, it encourages children to explore and understand their feelings, where creativity takes the front seat.

"Everyday experiences can be many things; amazing, joyful and beautiful, but they can also be confusing, frightening and overwhelming. As human beings, we all need to find ways of sorting and categorising these feelings to help us make sense of our worlds as we go about our daily business.

This lively, pocket-sized book encourages children with Autism to engage in creative activities and use them as effective emotional outlets. Through drawing, writing, sticking and colouring the young people can reflect on their feelings, give voice to their emotions and allow others an insight into their worlds.

Primarily aimed at children with Autism, I believe that everyone would benefit from actively engaging with this book - I shall keep my copy in my bag and use it every day!"

Dr. Allison Boggis, Senior Lecturer Course Leader BA (Hons) Special Educational Needs and Disability Studies. The University of Suffolk.

Finding the words to explain how you feel can be pretty difficult, we know that.

That's why we've devised a book to do just that.